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Single Sexuality

God didn’t design singles to be incomplete asexual beings---in this holding pattern waiting for marriage to find intimacy and sexual significance. We all begin as and are ultimately single people. Jesus was a single person. The concept of being “single” was never meant to have the negative connotation of: “I’m alone and missing something important,” or, ”I will never find true intimacy unless I get married,” or, “I can never be content unless I am having genital sex.” Actually, as a single adult you have a special place and role to fulfill in the Body of Christ. Your sexuality and bringing that into your relationships, reflects the Creative Trinity in unique and special ways.

Have you ever thought about all God wanted you to express and experience through your sexuality: the ability to be intimately known and accepted, the thrill of the chase with desire and being pursued, the mystery and excitement of being a man or a woman and the power of gender interaction, pleasure and play, righteous flirting, the possibility of profound marital “one flesh” union, and so much more!

God deliberately created you uniquely sexual. You are one-of-a-kind, a man or a woman with an alluring sexual power and eroticism all your own. Your sexuality, defined as who you are more than what you do, gives you a tremendous ability to experience intimacy in a fulfilling dance of the sexes with your sisters and brothers.


About the Author

Dr. Doug is a psychologist, pastor, LMFT and sex therapist who has listened to over 55,000 hours of stories.

Doug enjoys using this practical wisdom in writing (best seller: A Celebration of Sex), teaching, and mentoring.

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