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Important Information on Dr. Doug

It is with deep sadness that we write to inform you that Dr. Douglas Rosenau has been diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). CJD is a very rare and rapidly progressing neurological disease.


Dr. Rosenau was scheduled to lecture for two days at Reformed Theological Seminary in early January but had to cancel due to frequent falling (originally thought to be vertigo). As he continued to decline, he spent several weeks in the hospital undergoing tests to diagnose what appeared to be a stroke, but testing showed it was not. The diagnosis of CJD finally came at the end of last week. During his time in the hospital, we have watched him rapidly decline. While he continues to be the sweet, kind, caring individual we know, he is not oriented to time, lapses in and out of confusion, and is unable to walk or care for himself.


This comes as a shock to everyone who knows and loves Doug, especially his family. He has touched countless lives and we believe you would want to know about his illness. We do ask that you respect his, and the family’s, privacy as they adjust to this news.


How You Can Support Dr. Rosenau

We know many of you will be asking “what can I do?”


We invite you to express your honor to him by:


1. Praying for his comfort and care as well as comfort, care, and guidance for his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. They are having to make a lot of decisions quickly and it is quite overwhelming.

2. Drop by the Caring Bridge web page we have set up to leave Doug a note. He will not be able to respond, but we will ensure he hears each message placed there.

3. Consider supporting his legacy. If you knew Doug, you knew he was passionate about recruiting missionaries for sexual wholeness. We invite you to contribute to Sexual Wholeness, Inc. in his honor. Your contribution will ensure his passion continues. Jump to this link or click the donate button on


We ask that you not reach out to his family or attempt to visit him at this time. As social as he is, he is currently unable to recognize most individuals.


Michael Sytsma and Debra Taylor

with The Sexual Wholeness team